Variety Is The Spice Of Exercise

A common discussion our physiotherapists have with patients in clinic is the importance of varied movement and exercise in our daily lifestyles. Typically, we see that as patients tend to get past the age where field sports are played, we tend to narrow the “variability” of our chosen sports and activities. This narrowing tends to […]

Maintaining Good Posture…

POSTURE Physiotherapists like to preach about the importance good posture with regard to pain and flexibility, but what exactly is good posture and how can we achieve it? Posture refers to the positions we hold our limbs and trunk in at any one time. Posture can refer to static positions (eg. sitting, standing or lying […]

Recurrent Ankle Sprains? Have A Read!

So, you find yourself continually spraining your ankle? When someone ‘turns’ their ankle and suffers an ankle sprain injury it is very important that they are assessed and treated by a qualified physiotherapist. Initial swelling, pain and limited movement will be addressed and appropriately treated to accelerate the healing process. Ligaments join bone to bone […]

Exercise – Why We Love It, & Why You Should Too!!

Exercise; We love it Glasgow!!! When it comes to the phrase “working out” people have mixed responses. Some love it, others dread it. But how can something that makes us feel so good, emotionally, physically and mentally be such a tough one to get around and why is it necessary to keep on keeping on? […]

Muscle Trigger Points. Knot To Be Dismissed!

“Trigger points”, often referred to as “knots” or “tension points” in muscle tissue, are a commonly seen source of physical pain and/or dysfunction in patients. But what exactly is a trigger point, and why is their diagnosis and treatment important? A trigger point is classified as “a hyper-irritable spot within a taut band of a […]

Knee Pain Assessment

Physiotherapy For Recurrent Knee Pain… As a physiotherapist who has specialised in problems which affect the lower limb I have been lucky enough to treat many people with problems that involve recurrent knee pain, sometimes not brought about by trauma or injury. Some people experience pain and sometimes swelling at the front of the knee, […]

Patient Misconceptions In Physiotherapy (Part 2…)

Following on from Part 1 (Misconceptions 1-5), we conclude with misconceptions 6-10… “Pain Equals Harm” While this is an entire (future!) blog in itself, pain can be somewhat simplified. Pain is quite often not the result of harm, instead it being a “warning sign” produced by the brain to make you aware that you ae […]

Patient Misconceptions In Physiotherapy (Part 1..)

Misconceptions Heard In Our Physiotherapy Clinics (Part 1…) Our physiotherapists, across any of our 5 clinical sites (Glasgow West End, Mosspark, Clarkston, Newton Mearns, & Kirkintilloch) have come to notice a trend whereby a handful of repeated misconceptions are heard from patients on a consistent basis. Here, we seek to sort the fact from what […]

The Myth Of Maintenance

The Myth Of Maintenance Below is the abbreviated version of a conversation frequently heard with patients in our clinic. We hear stories along such lines on a highly regular basis, these stories encompassing experiences with chiropractors, osteopaths, and physiotherapists alike. Patient; “I see my therapist every month for maintenance, since I hurt my back some […]

Stretching – Anatomical & Athletic Considerations

Stretching Stretching has long been a fundamental component of exercise, but should it be? What benefit does it hold and what is actually happening to the muscle tissue when stretching? Muscles Muscles are made of fibres (actin and myosin) and run in bundles and are positioned in line with the direction of contraction – i.e. […]