At K.M. Woods Physiotherapy Ltd. Glasgow, we are proud to provide highly professional, patient centered physiotherapy service to all of our patients. It is these ethos which have sustained our company over the past 30 years, enabling us to progress to become the physiotherapy company of choice for those living in Glasgow’s West End, & the surrounding areas of Clarkston, Newton Mearns, & Kirkintilloch. We’re the private physio company in Glasgow you can trust to get back to living your life as you wish to live!

K.M. Woods Physiotherapy surpasses all others with regard to the flexibility we offer with regard to appointment times and locations. Alongside our main Glasgow West End physio practice at 15 Royal Crescent (G3 7SL), we also offer satellite physio clinics at Clarkston (G76), Newton Mearns (G77), and Kirkintilloch (G66). Between our 4 clinical sites, not only do we offer daytime appointments, but also evening and Saturday morning appointments also. We feel such service provision enables our patients to attend at their convenience, fitting their private physio appointments around their lifestyle.


Every physiotherapist at K.M. Woods Physiotherapy, Glasgow, is continually committed to providing research based, up-to-date assessment and treatment techniques, to ensure the desired outcomes for you, the patient. We seek to avoid promoting a type of physio provision based on a mindset “this is how we have always done things”, or “let’s hope and see”. For the paying customer, this approach is unacceptable and not something we could be proud of as a provider of private physiotherapy. Instead, our belief in only employing highly motivated, highly qualified physio staff ensures that each and every time a patient attends our clinics, their experience is worthwhile and beneficial.

Empowering the patient is another cornerstone of how we at K.M. Woods Physiotherapy, Glasgow, view our responsibility to each individual who attends our clinics. We strive to provide each patient with knowledge, advice, and self-help exercises to undertake alongside their clinical treatments. Such an approach will not only achieve symptom improvements more quickly, but also ensure the patient feels in control of their own condition and symptoms, and can ultimately maintain improvements after treatment has been completed. We do not seek to create a patient dependency on their physiotherapist, when self help is essentially the most sustainable model of care long term.

We believe in continually evolving our company and the services it provides, to continually meet the needs of our patients and the wider community as a whole. Over recent years, clinic location & opening times have been adjusted to satisfy the patient demand, as have many additional services – text reminders of appointment times, e-mail copies of home exercise programmes, a willingness to complete G.P. letters at short notice at the patient’s request, and the provision the patient with direct access to the purchase of equipment they will require to enhance their recovery.

So why not get in touch today, and be pleasantly surprised as many of our patients have been in the past …Yes, there is physiotherapy available in Glasgow that doesn’t cost a fortune! Yes, there actually is free parking on-site! No, physiotherapy doesn’t have to be painful! No, you don’t have to be stressed about trying to find an appointment time that suits you! Yes, K.M. Woods Physiotherapy is for you…trust us!