Deep Tissue Sports Massage

Deep tissue sports massage is a primary service offered by our physio staff at K.M. Woods Physiotherapy, Glasgow.

Sports massage is recommended for those individuals who clock up many miles or load their bodies intensely on a regular basis. These individuals can come from backgrounds as diverse as football, distance running, weight lifting or body building, and rowing, but also those from non-athletic backgrounds – builders, those who undertake lots of driving in their weekly routine, and those who work in static postures for prolonged period (chefs, office workers, factory line operators).

Sports massage aims to prevent injury and maintain optimal soft tissue (muscle, tendon etc.) health by addressing muscle scar tissue and adhesions, increasing circulation to clear lactic acid and noxious stimuli, alleviating muscle shortening, and ultimately sooth and desensitize overloaded and irritated structures.

Sports massage can be seen as either a preventative or curative measure. Regular sports massage can prevent the development of muscular ache and tightness, hence reducing the likelihood that aches and pains will develop.

The curative approach is often adhered to however, in those who tend to wait until aches and pains present or until performance (flexibility, strength, speed) is impaired, and then seek treatment.

This is often what we see in runners attending for sports massage before a big race, where the tightness and accumulated affect of months of progressive training is alleviated by sports massage in the week before race day, ensuring optimum performance in the race itself.

Whatever approach fits your training or work patterns, sports massage is a valuable way of both optimising athletic performance or preventing soreness and irritation from static or retentive jobs.

Sports massage is available across each of our 4 clinical sites – Glasgow West End, Clarkston, Newton Mearns, & Kirkintilloch.

Check out our FAQ’s for our sports massage service to help answer any questions you might have.

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