At K.M. Woods Physiotherapy, Glasgow, we are highly experienced in undertaking office and workplace ergonomic assessments, having formed close partnerships with many large employers around Glasgow West End and city center, and in towns surrounding Glasgow.

Employers can help reduce the incidence of pain related work sickness absence by ensuring good workstation ergonomics habits and set-ups within in the workplace.

Previous estimates from the Health and Safety Executive have reported an estimated prevalence of 538,000 people in the national workforce suffered from a musculoskeletal (muscle, joint, bone, nerve tissue etc.) disorder caused or exacerbated by their current or previous employment. The majority of these cases relate to pain disorders and irritation of the back, arms, and neck.

What Type Of Workplaces Have Benefited From Our Workstation Assessments?

Our physiotherapists have undertaken ergonomic workplace assessments at numerous businesses around Glasgow & the surrounding suburbs, including large & small offices, banks, recording studios, architectural and design firms, sports centers, and retail stores.

What Are Workstation Ergonomics?
Ergonomics can be defined as the science of fitting the workstation to the user instead of forcing the user to fit the workstation, which can over time lead to aches and pains. In adapting the layout and dimensions of the workstation to the physical specification of the individual, we achieve a reduction to the likely predisposition of the employee to work and postural related pain or tightness.

To achieve this ideal ‘fit’, and hence minimise the likelihood of workplace musculoskeletal irritation,  several factors are considered;

  • The nature of the job undertaken, the percentage of time spend at the workstation, and in what positions typical work tasks are undertaken.
  • The physical set-up of the employee’s workstation including desk height, chair height and level of adjustment to the employee’s physical specification, position of work equipment (screen, keyboard, mouse etc.)
  • The physical office environment in which the employee works, incorporating items such as temperature, humidity, lighting, noise etc.
  • If the user has any pre-existing medical conditions which may necessitate the provision special ergonomic equipment or adaptations.
  • The need for possible adjustment of current work devices or furniture to the employee’s physical specifications, in order to prevent repetitive strain injuries (RSI) or postural strains developing?

Why is ergonomics important?
Ergonomics are especially important in the workplace. If good ergonomics employed in offices, employees will be empowered to spend more time at their workstation and with fewer distractions due to physical discomfort, resulting in improved concentration and increased productivity. Improved ergonomics will ultimately ensure staff members are less at risk of being forced to take time off work due to musculoskeletal sickness absence, typically due to lower back pain, neck and shoulder pain, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, upper limb nerve pain etc.

How can K.M. Woods Physiotherapy help?

  • Our physiotherapists will  determine if your workstation could be either causing or exacerbating any postural related musculoskeletal conditions or repetitive strain injuries.
  • Our physiotherapists conduct on site workstation assessments. A workstation assessment will determine if there are any changes needed to your work station to prevent future health issues or musculoskeletal pain condition.
  • Simple changes to an employee’s workstation such as use of a lumbar roll, or phone headset could accelerate their return to work as well as increase productivity.
  • Possible adjustment of the work chair is a core component of on-site adjustments made on the day of the assessment; the following factors are considered in chair assessment – seat pan height and depth, thigh & foot position,, chair back height, angle, & degree of recline, lumbar support volume and height, and arm rest height and  angle. Ultimately, all of these components are assessed to ensure optimal support and comfort is provided to the lower and upper back, thighs,and arms, when working at your desk.
  • If you required advice on ergonomic equipment for personal use or for your workforce, we at K.M. Woods Physiotherapy can provide advice on how to achieve the optimal ergonomic set-up for your workstation, to help keep you fit and health for work.

Typical Workstation Equipment Recommended

We tend to see a general pattern in the types of items we tend to recommend for purchase for workstations, if such items are deemed necessary. Such typical items include;

  • New office chair – many office chairs are out-dates and no longer fit for purpose. This often results in worn cushioning, no longer functioning adjustable mechanisms and general poor comfort. Chair recommendation are made by our physiotherapy staff as part of the subsequent assessment report.
  • Monitor raise – desktop screens may be positioned excessively low in relation to the employees line of vision, potentially predisposing to neck strain and postural irritation. Raising the screen to the appropriate height can remedy this issue.
  • Ergonomic mouse – certain musculoskeletal pain conditions (Carpal Tunnel etc.) can be alleviated by the provision of a specialist ergonomic mouse, which positions and supports the wrist in a less loaded position while working, reducing irritation and enabling symptom free working for longer periods.
  • Adjustable monitor arm – workplaces which require a greater degree of flexibility in terms of screen position adaptability, often benefit from the provision of a highly adjustable screen monitor arm, adjustable in terms of height, depth, and lateral positioning. Clients we’ve worked with where such devices have been recommended include banks and recording studios.

Workplace assessment costs
The assessment is competitively priced and is likely to last for 30-60 minutes. It will include a detailed report and recommendations. Several assessments at the same location may enable a  reduction in the overall cost. Price available on request, dependent on site location, number of desks to be assessed etc.

Please call our central Glasgow West End office on 01413530906 to enquire, or e-mail