At K.M. Woods Physiotherapy, Glasgow, all of our physiotherapy staff are State registered with the Health Care Professions  (H.C.P.C.), ensuring the highest standard of professionalism.  As Chartered Physiotherapists, all of our physiotherapy staff members also hold a state recognised qualification, and are members of the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy (M.C.S.P).

Mr. Liam Roberts BSc., MSc., CSP, HCPC, AACP



Clinical Experience;
Three years initial NHS experience, before specialising in private practice musculoskeletal physiotherapy since 2012.

My Role As A Physiotherapist;
To educate, treat, & empower my patients, and to challenge them to make their health a priority in their daily lives. Understanding the details of an injury or reasons for pain is paramount in the recovery process, as is ones ability to manage their pain and symptoms. Ultimately, I strive to ensure people can live their daily lives fully, unrestricted by pain or physical limitation.

Clinical Special Interests;
Pain science, chronic lower back pain, shoulder injuries, challenging patient perceptions of pain and formulating pain management strategies. My own interest in gym training also gives me the tools to better discuss topics such as gym based rehabilitation, weight training technique, & training programme design with patients struggling to train due to injury, or those who I encourage to get into the gym to encourage recovery and regaining of lost physical resilience.

Advice Most Commonly Given To Patients;
1) The body is resilient, don’t be afraid to load and challenge it within your symptom tolerance

2) Vary the type of exercise you undertake, to gain a more rounded level of physical resilience

3) Pain isn’t always something to be fearful of, & is often not actually a sign of true structural injury or damage. Pain simply needs to be understood and managed correctly. Pain keeps us safe!

Sporting Interests;
Gym training, football, tennis, skiing

Did You Know?
Liam also works as a University Physiotherapy Lecturer alongside his clinical work

Ms. Olivia Johnson BSc., CSP, HCPC

Clinical Experience;
7 years of clinical experience working in both private and public health care. I was initially based in Cape Town, South Africa, and moved to Glasgow in 2018. I have been specialising in private practice musculoskeletal Physiotherapy ever since.

I am also a qualified Australian Physiotherapy & Pilates Institute (APPI) Pilates Instructor and hold evening and morning classes a few times a week at our Glasgow West End (Royal Crescent, G3 7SL) location.

My Role As A Physiotherapist;
To help you overcome your pain or movement dysfunction by working together to determine the cause of the problem, the best possible management and treatment for you as an individual and how to prevent it coming back.

I strive for our sessions together to be fun, fulfilling, and educational so you leave feeling heard, empowered, and motivated for change

Clinical Special Interests;
Post-operative rehabilitation, knee/ankle and lower back pain, office-based work related issues, whiplash

Advice Most Commonly Given To Patients;
“Find the balance between listening to your body, and challenging it”

“We love deadlifts”

Sporting Interests;
Pilates, running, tennis, rugby, weight training

Did You Know?
I’m Australian born, South African raised, Scottish at heart

Jane Smith


Jane Smith, daughter of practice founder Kit Woods, is Practice Manager of K.M. Woods Physiotherapy. Jane works out of our West End (Royal Crescent) Practice Monday to Friday. Jane’s background is in marketing & office management.

While managing all of our physiotherapist’s diaries & generally making their lives easier, Jane will also liaise with our patients in dealing with queries, bookings etc. Jane’s friendly, personable nature sets the tone for our patient-centered approach to physiotherapy.

Yazeed Qashwa

Clinical Experience

Following completion of my intensive 5-year full-time degree in Physiotherapy in Egypt, I also completed my MSc in Physiotherapy with Distinction from Glasgow Caledonian University. In addition to practising clinically, I have lectured in Physiotherapy across different universities in the UK.

My Role As A Physiotherapist

I like to think of Physiotherapy sessions as ‘driving lessons’, with person-centred goals being the destination. In this journey, you will be in the driving seat, and I will always be next to you to guide and empower you to take an active role in achieving your goals towards a better quality of living, and make sure that you are ‘driving in the right direction’.

Clinical Special Interests

Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy; Pre- and post-operative Rehabilitation; Sports Injuries; and Psychologically-Informed Physiotherapy Practice (particularly, Low Intensity Cognitive Behavioural Therapy).

Advice Most Commonly Given To Patients

  • The brain is where rehabilitation begins: try to challenge your unhelpful thoughts.
  • Pain is a ‘visitor’ that comes to keep us safe: try to challenge this ‘visitor’ not to ‘overstay’.
  • Your next posture is often a better one: try to avoid staying in the same position for too long.
  • Our body is designed to move: try to keep moving within your tolerable range.
  • Your ‘home activity programme’ is a core part of the success of your rehabilitation.

Sporting Interests

Football; Gym training

Did You Know

  • Yazeed is currently a doctoral (PhD) researcher in Physiotherapy at Queen Margaret University, UK.
  • He achieved the Top Graduate Rank amongst all Physiotherapy Graduates in the whole of Egypt in its inaugural Physiotherapy National Licensing Exam.