At K.M. Woods Physiotherapy, we are also pleased to offer a domiciliary (home visit) service, whereby the physiotherapist will visit the patient’s own home to carry out physiotherapy assessment & treatment as appropriate

This service if available to all, whether they may be living at home, in sheltered accommodation, or in a care home setting.

There are a huge variety of reasons for patient’s seeking domiciliary physiotherapy;

  • Restricted mobility or ill health may deem it difficult for the patient to actually attend one of our clinical sites
  • Lack of transport facilities may also restrict the patient’s ability to attend clinic
  • Recent surgery (joint replacement, fracture etc.) may mean the it is not entirely feasible for the patient to attend for clinical treatment

 Some of the conditions most often dealt with on domiciliary visits are;

  • Reduced mobility, or impaired balance, in the elderly.
  • Post-operative rehabilitation (joint replacement etc)
  • Post-stroke rehabilitation – typically fine tuning mobility, balance etc. when the patient has completed their in-patient course of NHS physiotherapy
  • Rehabilitation of confidence and balance, often outdoors, after the patient has suffered a recent fall at home.
  • Analysis of the possible need for the prescription of an appropriate walking aid

At K.M. Woods Physiotherapy, we offer both male & female clinicians, to meet the requests on the patient. The cost of domiciliary appointments tends to be dependent on the location of the patient’s residence.

For further inquiries, or to book a domiciliary appointment, please phone 01413530906.