Knee Pain Assessment

Physiotherapy For Recurrent Knee Pain…

As a physiotherapist who has specialised in problems which affect the lower limb I have been lucky enough to treat many people with problems that involve recurrent knee pain, sometimes not brought about by trauma or injury. Some people experience pain and sometimes swelling at the front of the knee, just below the knee cap, they feel unstable when walking down stairs, down hill and struggle if performing sport which involve twisting and turning of the knees such as hockey, football or rugby and skiing. It may be worth coming for an in-depth physiotherapy assessment which can identify the structures which are compromised and find out what you can do to address this. With the provision of specific guidance and a rehabilitation programme alongside appropriate treatment the pain can settle.

For example, if on physiotherapy assessment of your knee the pain may be found to be related to a lax anterior cruciate ligament, this prevents the femur slipping forward on the tibia compromising the structures at the front of the knee (for example the back of the knee cap and cartilage between the weight bearing joints), this can cause pain and swelling and reduced movement and function.

Treatment following assessment would need to reduce pain and swelling, improve range of movement, and crucially address any weakness, specifically in the hamstrings which flex the knee joint and can assist in the stability of the knee joint, reducing the forward translatory movement of the femur on the tibia. If these issues are addressed then a return to full activity can be made with on-going self management by the individual.

Worth an assessment? Please contact your physiotherapist to make an appointment to address your knee pain or any on-going issue that may affect your quality of life….


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