Recurrent Ankle Sprains? Have A Read!

So, you find yourself continually spraining your ankle?

When someone ‘turns’ their ankle and suffers an ankle sprain injury it is very important that they are assessed and treated by a qualified physiotherapist. Initial swelling, pain and limited movement will be addressed and appropriately treated to accelerate the healing process. Ligaments join bone to bone and provide stability around a joint such as the ankle. When a ligament is strained or stretched the muscles need to be worked and strengthened to compensate for this damage and the joint may not be held quite so tightly by the ligaments surrounding it.

If a person returns to their normal activities, this may which challenge the ankles stability, for example walking on uneven surfaces especially in the dark, running on a rugby, hockey or football pitch, changing direction and jumping then further injury may occur. Especially if rehabilitation has not included specific exercises to re-educate strength, balance and sports specific functional activities. You may then feel that you have a weakness, finding yourself predisposed to ankle sprains or even in extreme circumstances a dislocation of the joint.

With the provision of specific guidance and a rehabilitation programme alongside appropriate treatment you will be able to return to your preferred activity with greater confidence that your ankle is pain free with full range of movement and strength.

However, a key area which needs to be addressed is the re-education of the balance or proprioceptive mechanisms. This is rehabilitating the feedback loop from the information receptors around the damaged joint. They send messages via the spinal cord to the brain to allow the brain to send messages to the muscles around the body to contract, relax or stabilize appropriately and re-dress any changes in movement challenging the persons balance and function. If your balance mechanism has not been re-educated then the ankle is particularly at risk of re-injury………

Worth an assessment? Please contact your physiotherapist to make an appointment to address your ankle weaknesses or causes(s) of your recurrent strains or sprains.

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